Location! Location! Location! I agree. I do the majority of my work on location because I want your pictures to look natural and dynamic. I've found that location work offers infinite photographic possibilities for exciting backdrops and lighting situations. I also have a great rental space, so if this is what you’re looking for I can accommodate. However, I recommend location photography.

In our initial consultation we will talk about what it is you are looking for in your photographs and from there we will figure out what is right for you. It could be the beach, your own backyard, or in the Pearl. We can create beautiful images anywhere. The best backdrops are simple and don’t distract from what the pictures are about. You!

What are my favorite places? I change my mind everytime I discover or rediscover another corner of the northwest. Right now Tanner Springs and the Oregon Coast are my favorites!

There is a charge for travel outside the Portland metro area. Travel fees depend on the price of fossil fuels.